LinkedIn – Don’t brand yourself; Promote yourself.

With over 187 million members, LinkedIn is without doubt one of the world’s largest ‘professional’ networking tools, and a great tool to use when looking for a new employment opportunity. So why in that case would I say it’s not the best idea when looking for employment to have your status read; “actively seeking new opportunities”. 

Every sales professional knows the way by which you market, or promote a product or service will determine its level of sales success. The simple way in which I can explain this visually is this – Two toasters in a shop, one has a sign, “Buy me”, and the other displays a sign, “Perfect toast in 30 seconds”. Which would grab your attention?

When looking to secure a new opportunity, it is vitally important to market yourself similar to that would the product or service you sell.

This may sound politically incorrect, and may sound harsh, but the true reality is most perspective employers will ‘in most cases’ show more interest ‘initially’, looking at perspective applicants who are currently employed compared to those who state that they are out of work. This is simply a matter of natural instinct.

Before anyone attacks me here; I’m not saying that being unemployed will go against you. I am simply highlighting how best to market, and promote yourself.

First impressions count, and for anyone who is unemployed and looking for a new opportunity, your highest priority should be self promotion by way of verbal communication. Speak to perspective employers, and let them know you’re looking. Check out our guide here

Simply put, all I am saying is this, “Don’t Brand yourself, Promote yourself.”

Article by Thomas Timperley – Senior Search Consultant, Managing Partner of Myles Thomas


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